Photo Essays

Hopewell Station in Hopewell, New Jersey

Learn to Make Better and More Interesting Pictures with my informational photo essays – now available for download!

Each essay tells the story behind one of my favorite pictures (from my own original photography archive). You can learn about the fascinating subjects I photograph in detail, as well as the academic aspects of the subject and process, and apply the ideas involved to making your own creative pictures.

Each photo essay is a short story about:

  • One of my favorite photographs, the subject, its interesting points and history
  • What my inspiration was for making the picture
  • What the picture is ‘about’
  • The concept and process used
  • How YOU can apply the concepts presented to make your own more meaningful photographs

Download my Instructional Photo Essays:

Old Olympia Brew House

Explore the architecture and history of this fascinating Mission Style building.

A Victorian Enigma in Flemington

I photographed this unique Victorian in Flemington, NJ for several years.

Anatomy of a Reflection

This development site in Asbury Park was a great subject for experimentation and further development of my ‘Reflections’ series.

All-American Taxi

Part of my ‘American Small Town’ series, this classic Americana scene had the perfect available light.

The House On
The Hill

This Hitchcock-inspired subject is one of my favorites and an inspiration for all of my work with this type of subject matter.

Visions of Robert Frank’s America

Learn how documentary photographers work through a brief look at Robert Frank’s seminal work, “The Americans.”

Abandonment and Time in Fine Art Photography

A look at how we perceive the element of Time in making personal photographs of historic subjects

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