A Personal Photography and Writing Repository

This blog is a complement to my photography website where I explore my interests in depth through the medium of photography and writing. My subjects include large Victorian houses, The American Landscape, World War II-era aviation, Science and Engineering subjects and photography concepts as applied to fine art and personal projects from an academic perspective.

As such, the content is aimed at the serious photographer wishing to achieve greater depth of vision and meaning in their photographs. Indeed, as Neil Peart once said, if one is considered to be a ‘master,’ then they’re really a ‘master student.’ The point being that as artists we never stop learning! Including me, and I hope I can reach many artists wanting to make that journey.

History in general has always been a strong interest for me and so most of my posts focus on historic subjects. Given that, I photograph and write about what is available to me…most of the posts here are about my photographic excursions in the greater New York City Area. One of my friends and photography mentors once told me that “you have to photograph what’s available to you.” But I also cover those subjects I encounter in my travels whenever I get the chance…that’s how you get access to more exotic subjects.


Here’s a sampling from my recent posts:

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